Artist Spotlight #5, Gabriella Morton

4 min readJan 31, 2022

This week’s “Community Artist Spotlight” is proudly presented by Rare Pizzas and Pizza Dao, where we showcase the talented artists, creators and builders across the global NFT communities. We’re thrilled to showcase our first NFT artist and photographer from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Gabriella Morton.

In this interview Gabriella shares how and why she got in NFTs, where she finds inspirations for doing art, her impressions of the NFT space and it’s future, and insights into the power of NFT’s.

Spectrum (Foundation), Artist: Gabriella Morton

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

In a world full of so many critical issues, I aim to devise imagery that reformats ideologies for visual learners in a surrealistic manner. Facts need storytellers to breathe life into them, so I use photography as my vessel.

How would you define your artistic style?

By grasping on to my fascination for our natural world I capture thought-provoking imagery that helps others see the planet as a whole. I discovered that by coming from a place of awe, I could bridge the gap between art and science to establish a compelling narrative around sustainability.

Ambience (Foundation), Artist: Gabriella Morton

What’s your inspiration when creating your art?

I have a variety of unreleased work but I’ve been trying to marry them with a way to give back. Not only do I see this space as a way to immortalize artwork but also a way to utilize the huge opportunity for philanthropy at the same time.

Force Field (Foundation), Artist: Gabriella Morton

How did you get started in NFTs?

Last year I was the victim of a horrendous head on car crash. I broke 6 bones and spent 3 months in a wheelchair and became unable to continue work as a freelance photographer. The silver lining has been the gift of time to navigate this space and understand the benefits of digital ownership and the future of image licensing.

Collaborations are becoming increasingly common and popular in the NFT space. Have you done any collaborative work recently and how was that experience for you?

I think the splits feature on Foundation is so encouraging to get outside your comfort zone and double down on sharing the load. I recently made this peice with Ashton, and although we’d had it listed for months when we secured our sale I can confirm that the excitement was even better shared!

Isolation (Foundation), Artist: Gabriella Morton and Ashton Lee

What is your favorite part of the NFT community?

NFT’s feel like a digital renaissance where creatives can cut the middlemen and advance passion projects to the driver’s seat. We’ve never had so much freedom for producing non-commercial work while gaining sustainable financial compensation. I can’t wait to see how the physical world utilizes smart contracts and understands the value of provenance.

Ethereal (Foundation), Artist: Gabriella Morton

What advice would you give to artists entering the world of NFTs?

At this point, Twitter is a non-negotiable for marketing your NFT’s. It’s predominantly verbal and comes down to community building and networking which happens in live interactive podcasts called Twitter Spaces. It’s all extremely fast paced and ever evolving, so you first must be willing to listen and absorb. Ads and influencer marketing stick out as ingenuine, so you really need an organic, consistent, and cohesive story to build a recognizable and identifiable story.

Surface (Foundation), Artist: Gabriella Morton

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